We offer an extensive range of in-house and public sustainability training programmes. Our training courses are developed and facilitated by senior sustainability experts. Our training material and methodologies include plenty of real-life case studies, examples and practical exercises for high-impact learning. We deliver our courses in very engaging, interactive and creative formats.

Our popular training courses include:

Sustainability Reporting
  1. GRI Standards Certified Training Course (2 days)
  2. How to write professional sustainability reports (2 days)
  3. Sustainability reporting for HR (2 days)
  4. Sustainability reporting for supply chain (2 days)
  5. Sustainability reporting for company directors (1 day)
  6. Materiality Assessment Masterclass (1 day)
  7. Stakeholder analysis, engagement and reporting (2 days)
Integrated Reporting

Getting started with Integrated Reporting (2 days)

Climate Change
  1. Measuring and reporting corporate carbon footprint (1 day)
  2. Setting internal carbon price (1 day)
  3. Setting Science-Based Targets for GHG Reduction (1 day)

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Excellent, Engaging, Useful.

Very useful workshop. Best I’ve attended!

Insightful, Engaging and Illuminating.

Through this workshop I am better able to communicate with the management team the need for more support by sharing benefits of reporting and data collection.

I found the walk-through of our report preparation using our own hypothetical company’s Sustainability Report the most useful part of the workshop – it answered alot of questions.

Excellent Course! Summed up complex theories in simple and easy-to-implement practices. Highly Recommended!

It is a great course to start understanding about what the GRI standards are and how to use it in our own reports. 

There were practical tips and relevant case studies to show practical application in Sustainability Reporting.

The trainer is super knowledgable and the mix of lecture, discussion and exercises was very well balanced.

Examples given were relevant and there was active participation amongst the crowd.

The most useful part of the workshop was the case studies, hands on exercise and sharing by an industry practitioner.

I am better able to communicate to my boss on why Sustainability is important.

I can immediately apply the concept of materiality assessment. 

The exercise to prepare a report was the most useful because it helps us visualise what we need to do.

I can immediately apply the concept of materiality assessment to my Sustainability Report.

Excellent Course! It was very intellectually stimulating and very practical.

I can now understand what steps I need to take in order to make my report comply with GRI standards.

The trainer is very experienced with Singapore Companies – Super important and relevant for us!

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