Sustainability Report Assurance
AA1000AS Licensed Assurance Provider

Sustainability Report Assurance

External Assurance

External assurance refers to seeking an independent evaluation of performance data published in sustainability reporting. Reporting organisations seek external assurance from licensed assurance providers to improve the credibility of their sustainability reports. Robust external assurance provides enhanced confidence in the quality, reliability and accuracy of an organisation’s sustainability data. The external assurance process also helps organisations to improve their reporting processes, data management and accountability which in turn boosts sustainability performance.

Benefits of External Assurance

Obtaining external assurance for sustainability reporting has a host of benefits that include:
• Enhanced credibility sustainability reporting
• Improved quality, reliability and accuracy of performance data
• Reduced risk and increased value
• Improved Board and CEO level engagement
• Improved management systems, reporting process and accountability
• More effective stakeholder communication

Our Assurance Services

CSRWorks is a Licensed AA1000AS Assurance Provider. We provide independent third-party assurance of sustainability reports that includes verification of sustainability data and conformance with the GRI Standards.
Our assurance engagement covers:
• Pre-Assurance
• Assurance

Assurance Standards

We use the GRI Standards, AA1000 Assurance Standard and ISAE3000 to provide external assurance for sustainability reports.

Assurance Statement

We provide an Assurance Statement in accordance with the AA1000AS at the end of the engagement process. You can include the Assurance Statement in your sustainability report.

Besides, we provide a comprehensive audit report outlining findings and recommended improvements in reporting, data collection process and systems.

Our Methodology

Our assessment methodology goes beyond mere verification of data, to evaluate the underlying sustainability management system and processes for reporting performance.

Our Assurance Team

Our assurance team has extensive international experience in sustainability reporting and sustainability assessment. With in-depth knowledge in AA1000AS, ISAE3000, GRI Standards, the International Integrated Reporting Framework, DJSI, CDP, UNGC, GHG Protocol, Environmental Management System (EMS), Occupational Health and Safety Management System, EcoVadis and a host of national and international reporting frameworks, our team of assessors practices high standards of professionalism, ethics and integrity.

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Why CSRWorks

CSRWorks International is a trusted name in sustainability services, training and thought leadership.As a licensed AA1000 Assurance Provider, CSRWorks offered third-party external assurance services for sustainability reporting and ESG disclosures.

CSRWorks is a powerhouse for sustainability reporting training. CSRWorks is GRI’s Certified Training Partner in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines for conducting the GRI Standards Certified Training Courses. Also, CSRWorks is the International Integrated Reporting Council’s (IIRC) Foundation Training Partner to provide IIRC-approved Integrated Reporting Training in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Japan and the Middle East. As CDP’s accredited provider, CSRWorks offers training, education and consulting services covering CDP disclosures. In collaboration with SAM, now a part of S&P Global, we offer Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) training.As a partner of EcoVadis in Southeast Asia, CSRWorks provides consulting and training support to suppliers participating in EcoVadis CSR assessments.

We also champion sustainability reporting throughtwo flagship annual events: the Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit, and the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards. Our Asia’s Top Sustainability Superwomen programme honours the region’s exemplary women leaders who are driving a positive change through sustainability.


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