Materiality Assessment

Materiality Matters

Our materiality services include benchmarking, designing and implementing stakeholder engagement, delivering a customised materiality workshop, identifying material ESG topics and disclosures for reporting, aligning material topics with the SDGs and producing a materiality matrix.

Materiality assessment is the most crucial part of the report development process. Correctly accomplished materiality analysis is half the battle won. Yet, reporting organisations often find materiality overwhelming and complicated. We make it simple using our unique approach refined over the years.

A rigorous assessment of material topics helps organisations allocate their resources to those issues which are the most important for their stakeholders and which represent the most significant impacts of the business.

Materiality Workshop

If you plan to develop your report in-house, our one-day materiality workshop is all you will need. We will assist the internal stakeholders to complete the materiality assessment and produce a materiality matrix, completely in-house.

Our materiality services not only help you identify or review the material topics for reporting, they are also designed to prepare your internal stakeholders to contribute to the reporting process in an efficient manner.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Engaging internal as well as external stakeholders is essential to conducting a robust materiality analysis. Stakeholder engagement is also critical for prioritising the material topics for reporting.

We develop and implement stakeholder engagement to help you understand which ESG issues are important to your stakeholders.

Materiality and the SDGs

Stakeholders want to know how an organisation is contributing to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To meet stakeholder expectation, organisations should integrate the SDGs into their reporting process. This involves identifying the most relevant SDG Goals and Targets and aligning them with appropriate material ESG topics.

We help you align and integrate your material ESG topics with the relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Establishing a strategic link between your material topics and the SDGs makes your reporting more authentic.

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CSRWorks also offers Certified Materiality Assessor Training Course. The course is aimed at those who want to acquire professional skills and knowledge for conducting materiality assessment for sustainability reporting.

More information about the course is here.

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