CDP Services

CSRWorks offers a suite of advisory and training services to support the participating companies throughout their CDP journey. We work closely with our clients to improve scores and underlying performance. Our services are available in a modular structure allowing clients the freedom to choose what is needed and can be tailored to their requirements. Here is a quick overview of our standard CDP modules:

Gap Analysis

Our experts will carry out a comprehensive analysis of your latest CDP score as well as the last submission to identify performance gaps and to develop an action plan and roadmap with specific recommendations for the next assessment cycle.


Our experts will assist in implementing the recommendations and closing the performance gaps suggested in the CDP roadmap to improve your scores. In this module, we will assist in-house teams in reviewing policies, documents and collecting data and information required for the CDP questionnaire.

Questionnaire Response

Our experts will prepare the first draft of responses and engage with relevant internal stakeholders to seek additional information to enhance the quality of answers. We will advise on collecting the necessary data and information to meet the assessment criteria. Finally, we will assist in the final version for submission to CDP.

Response Check

This service is most suitable for those clients who have completed the CDP Questionnaire on their own and need expert advice on the responses before the final submission. We will review your answers and provide a report with feedback about gaps or areas of improvement to incorporate before the final submission.


CSRWorks develops and delivers CDP training programmes for capacity building. We offer public training as well as customised in-house training to help your teams understand the CDP assessment requirements. Our workshops will be customised to your organisation to help your teams understand the criteria, including the assessment questions, data and information requirements.

Free Webinars

We organise free webinars regularly to help organisations build knowledge about the CDP disclosures to provide an insight into the methodology, scoring and assessment requirements and also answer your questions.

Information about our free webinars is updated on this page from time to time


To learn more about our CDP advisory services, please write to


CDP Webinar


CSRWorks will be hosting a FREE webinar ‘Beginners’ Guide to CDP Climate Change Reporting’ on the 20th of July, 4:00 pm Singapore Time featuring experts from CDP and CSRWorks. The webinar is designed to introduce CDP Climate Change Disclosures, benefits of participating and the assessment criteria. Our CDP experts will answer frequently asked questions and share quick tips to have a successful reporting cycle in 2020. This session will include a live Q&A session to answer attendees’ questions.

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CDP Training

CSRWorks offers CDP training sessions throughout the year. The sessions range from introductory level to advanced level training. We can also develop and deliver thematic training sessions focusing on specific aspects of CDP assessments across Climate Change, Water Security and Forests. Contact us for more information by email at

CDP 2021 Timeline

Jan 2021

2021 questionnaires guidance available in the week commencing 11 January 2021

March 2021

2021 scoring methodologies are available in the week commencing 8 March 2021

April 2021

Online Response System (ORS) will open in the week commencing 12 April 2021.

July 2021

Companies must submit their response to investors and/or customers using the ORS by 28 July 2021 to be eligible for scoring and inclusion in reports (where applicable).

End of 2021

2021 scores will be available by the end of 2021.

About CDP

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. CDP envisions to see a thriving economy that works for people and the planet in the long term. By completing CDP’s questionnaires on climate change, forests and water security, companies will identify ways to help them manage their own environmental risks and opportunities as well as providing vital information back to their customers and investors. Each year, CDP takes the information in its annual reporting process and scores companies and cities based on their journey through disclosure and towards environmental leadership.

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