Bella Chhoa

Bella Chhoa

Director, Leasing & Management, Vice Chair, Sustainability Steering Committee

Ms Chhoa joined Hang Lung Properties Limited as Company Secretary, General Counsel and Assistant Director — Corporate Affairs in August 2011, where she oversees human resources, legal and company secretarial matters of the Group. She is also the Chairperson of Hang Lung’s Sustainability Steering Committee and has led the publication of its standalone sustainability report for 3 years. The latest 2014 report have won many acclaimed awards both local and international. Prior to joining Hang Lung as a key executive, she was head of the legal department and company secretary of two other companies listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited for a number of years.

Ms Chhoa is a solicitor qualified to practice in Hong Kong. She holds a Master of Business Administration degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Bachelor degree in Law from The University of Hong Kong.

Hang Lung Properties Limited, Hong Kong is the 2016 Winner of Asia’s Best Sustainability Report (Stand-alone), Asia’s Best Environmental Reporting, and Asia’s Most Transparent Report at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards. Hang Lung Properties is also the 2015 Winner of Asia’s Sustainability Report of the Year at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards.

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