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GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Training

Sustainability reporting has become an integral part of leading companies' corporate responsibility strategy. Stock Exchanges and regulators around the world are encouraging companies to disclose their sustainability performance through Annual CSR Reports. Corporate Governance Codes are being revised to include Board-level CSR responsibilities. Institutional investors too are seeking sustainability performance reports to assess companies for investment decisions. Sustainability Ratings are becoming important for leading companies to stay attractive to investors.

This training program is aimed at equipping the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to plan, develop and produce Annual Sustainability Reports by following the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. GRI provides the most widely used international framework for developing and publishing sustainability reports.

GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Training offers a practical insight into the principles and guidelines of the latest version of the GRI G4 framework. Participants will learn how to develop plans and strategies for sustainability reporting in accordance with the GRI-G4 guidelines.
The participants will also learn how to integrate their GRI report with other international standards such as ISO 26000, United Nations Global Compact and AA1000.

The course outline
  • An introduction to Sustainability and Sustainability Reporting
  • Global sustainability reporting trends, trends in Asia
  • The GRI G4 sustainability reporting process, protocols, key concepts and criteria
  • Materiality Analysis: Identifying, selecting and prioritizing material issues for reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement strategies: Identifying, prioritizing and engaging with stakeholders
  • Understanding and implementing GRI G4 General Standard Disclosures
  • Understanding and implementing GRI G4 economic, environmental and social disclosure requirements
  • GRI G4 and Supply Chain standard disclosures
  • Applying GRI G4 Sector Guidelines
  • Understanding the link between GRI and other international standards e.g. ISO 26000, UNGC Principles, AA1000
  • Developing a sustainability reporting plan and strategies
  • Developing and implementing mechanisms and tools for gathering data and information
  • External Assurance for the report: rationale and options
  • Developing an effective plan for communicating the report
Training Style
Training is delivered in a highly interactive and fun style through case studies, activities and real examples and case studies.

Duration: Two Days

Who Should Attend?
Senior management executives from companies who are planning to publish their annual sustainability report. Sustainability practitioners and reporters who have previously published reports using GRI G3/G3.1 guidelines and now need to upgrade to G4 guidelines should also attend this workshop. The workshop will be very useful for Board Directors, Sustainability Directors and Managers, Sustainability Steering Committee members and Sustainability Reporting Task Team members in reporting organisations.
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