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GRI G4 Training for Supply Chain Sustainability Reporting

Supply chain responsibility is rapidly becoming a strategic sustainability issue for an increasing number of companies. Managing social and environmental impacts and ensuring good governance in supply chains can prevent reputational and regulatory risks. Sustainable procurement practices can also bring several benefits to organisations. These may include higher efficiencies and continuous improvement in productivity, quality and reliability of value chain partners. Implementing sustainability principles in supply chains helps companies to offer more sustainable products and services to customers.
A responsible supply chain can win investor confidence and can help companies to meet stakeholders' expectations. Recognizing the significance of Supply Chain Sustainability, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) has included new disclosure requirements in their latest GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. Reporting companies now urgently need to assess their value chain, review their procurement practices and take actions to meet the emerging reporting requirements.
This course is designed to help organisations to implement effective supply chain sustainability strategies and to meet the new GRI G4 reporting requirements.

Topics covered
  • An Introduction to Sustainability.
  • Global and Regional Trends in Supply Chain Responsibility.
  • The Business Case of Supply Chain Responsibility.
  • GRI G4 Reporting Guidelines and Responsible Procurement.
  • Supply Chain Mapping for Identifying Material Issues.
  • Setting and Realizing Sustainable Procurement KPIs.
  • Sustainable Procurement Implementation Roadmap.
  • Supplier Screening, Audit and Monitoring. Best Practices.
  • Motivating and Influencing Suppliers to embrace sustainability.
Training Style
Training is delivered in a highly interactive and fun style through case studies, activities, group discussions and real examples.

Duration: One Day (Basic) I Two Days (Advance)

Who Should Attend?
The workshop will be very useful for the entire Procurement team, Sustainability Directors and Managers, Sustainability Steering Committee members and Sustainability Reporting Task Team members. The workshop is particularly valuable for sustainability reporters who are transitioning to the GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, and also for new reporters as the workshop is aligned with the GRI G4 Guidelines on supplier responsibility. Companies which aim to be a leader in supplier responsibility will find this workshop equally useful.
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