Vivek Adhia, Head – Business Engagement, WRI India

Vivek Adhia, Head – Business Engagement, WRI India

Vivek is currently Head-Business Engagement at WRI India working with the private sector to promote stewardship and innovation and an alternate response to climate change.

Having started out as Senior Associate within the Climate & Energy Program – he has lead the initiative to set-up a voluntary, industry led National GHG Program, to facilitate profitable, competitive and sustainable businesses in a carbon constrained world. The program aims to mainstream energy and GHG emissions measurement, management and climate leadership in addition to setting up an all interactive, inclusive platform for sharing of tools, standardizing frameworks, web-based GHG emissions registry, case studies and best practices, and incentivizing by rewards and recognition of sector wise leaders..

Vivek has extensively worked with the corporate sector, through his earlier employment with Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu – on climate strategy, carbon footprinting and abatement, water footprinting and environmental mapping, incorporating sustainable business practices across the organisation and the value chain, carbon trading and finance, life cycle assessments, renewable energy technologies and related areas – across chemical/process industries, cement and steel, oil and gas, telecommunications, aviation, power, real estate and municipal sectors.

He also led a workstream on Collaborative Innovation with the World Economic Forum, covering the areas of bio-refineries, energy harnessing and alternative materials promoting and mainstreaming innovation across the food-water-energy and carbon nexus. Vivek also specializes in project management, project finance, business strategy, chemical engineering, cleantech and biotechnology.

He has a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Pune, Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Mumbai University, and has pursued a certificate course in Management and Leadership Essentials from Harvard University.

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