Jeannie Ong, Chief Strategic Partnership Officer, StarHub

Jeannie Ong, Chief Strategic Partnership Officer, StarHub

Jeannie was appointed as Chief Strategic Partnership Officer (CSPO) on 8 July 2015. As CSPO, Jeannie leads StarHub’s efforts in establishing and maintaining strong strategic relationships with government agencies, content partners, key strategic partners and other complementary companies. She is also responsible for building StarHub’s corporate reputation in the areas of Corporate Communications, Investor Relations (IR) and Corporate Sustainability.

Prior to her current role, Jeannie was Chief Marketing Officer. She joined StarHub in 2001 as its Head of Corporate Communications & Investor Relations, and helped bring the company public in 2004. Jeannie and her teams have won multiple awards, including Brand of the Year at the prestigious Hall of Fame Awards 2014; The Green Award at the Asia Communications Awards (2015 and 2014), in recognition of StarHub’s significant progress in environmental policies and programmes.

In IR, Jeannie was recognised as the Best IR Officer in Singapore by IR Magazine Awards – South East Asia thrice consecutively in 2014, 2013 and 2012. She and her team made it to the IR Global Top 50 list in 2014. They also clinched the Best IR award (Gold) at the Singapore Corporate Awards thrice (2016, 2013 and 2010).

Jeannie has over 20 years of experience in corporate, financial, marketing and community communications across different industries. She first commenced her communications career with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore in 1992. She also held senior IR and regional corporate and marketing communications positions at IPACS and Singapore Computer Systems.

Jeannie is currently the Director of Investor Relations Professional Association Singapore (IRPAS) and sits on the management committee of Global Compact Network Singapore (GCNS). She is also a council member of Singapore-Guangdong Collaboration Council (SGCC) and a member of Business China Singapore, Publicity sub-committee.

Jeannie holds an honours degree from the University of London, where she majored in Economics and Marketing.


StarHub Limited, Singapore is the 2016 Winner of Asia’s Best Sustainability Report within Annual Report at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards. StarHub is also the 2015 Highly Commended Finalist of the Asia’s Best Community Reporting at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards.

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