Elif Özkul Gökmen, Founder, Sercom Consulting, Istanbul-Turkey

Elif Özkul Gökmen, Founder, Sercom Consulting, Istanbul-Turkey

Elif is the founder of Sercom Consulting (Sercom; Social – Environmental Reporting and Communications), which is the first company established in Turkey for sustainability management and reporting consultancy in 2006. She has been consulting the largest companies of the country in 11 sectors ranging from cement to chemicals and from banking to airport operators. She has been serving over 20 clients and consulted 18 companies for their first reports based on GRI Global Reporting Initiative Guideline. She is the first implementer of materiality analyses and stakeholder engagement works for strategy building and reporting purposes in Turkey.

With the reports designed to be communication tools for the companies, Sercom and its clients from steel, energy, chemicals, finance, food & beverage and conglomerate sectors, are awarded several times by LACP (League of American Professionals) from the USA regarding the communication impacts of the reports.

She is a member of Ethics and Integrity Association and Corporate Governance Association in Turkey. She provides trainings on reporting to members of TBCSD, Turkish Business Council of Sustainable Development since 2012. She has served as a quality control consultant of GRI in Turkey from 2010 to 2015. Elif regularly writes articles on the developments of global sustainability and integrated reporting trends in the sectoral magazines like EkoIQ.

Elif has a BA degree in finance and accounting from Marmara University of Istanbul, Department of Business Administration since 1996 and 10 years of corporate communications experience in international companies. She has attended Sustainable Development Program of Boğaziçi University and REC (Regional Environmental Center) in 2008, Corporate Governance Leadership Training Program of IFC in 2012 and Climate Leaders Training Program by Al Gore in 2013.

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