Aditi Haldar, South Asia Director, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Aditi Haldar, South Asia Director, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

Dr.Haldar is an expert on sustainable development with over twenty four years of work proficiency. Her goal is to strengthen the integration of sustainability and transparency into policies, strategies, performances and communication through measurable enablers and results.

With her academic background in Environmental Sciences she started her career with community led environmental action programme involving multi-stakeholder approach. She initiated and led various national programmes on cleaner production and environmental management systems in various sectors of the industry and urban local bodies. Very early on in her career, she linked environmental and social issues and through her interventions brought in governance aspects to enable changes in a holistic manner within organisations. Her steady work in the areas of strategy, leadership, stakeholder engagement, transparency and reporting led to the initiation and mainstreaming of corporate sustainability management amongst Indian business, government, civil society, academia and media.

Over the years, she advocated and practiced on merging sustainability and business excellence in an organisations strategy that would create trustworthy conditions, enable constructive dialogue and informed decision making. She works with the market regulators, policy makers, stock markets and businesses to  strengthen credible information exchange between major players to create trust at the organisational, national and global levels.

Currently, she is the Director – GRI Regional Hub South Asia and her primary role is to advocate, research, communicate, dialogue and develop capacities of multi-stakeholder constituencies in making sustainability and reporting a common and standard practice in the South Asian region and the global community. Her key role is to grow the GRI Regional Hub with proficient people and resources that can provide support to all stakeholders on the topics of sustainability and transparency.

Dr. Haldar had been part of various national and global advisory committees, task force and forum, including GRI Stakeholder Council Member, GRI Technical Advisory Committee,  GAC Member of the World Economic Forum, Member of the Disclosure Framework Committee of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt of India, Member of the Governance, Sustainability and PSR Committee of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India, Advisor to the MoU Task Force for DPE, Govt of India on CSR and Sustainable Development, Advisory Board Member of the International Center for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development set up by the Central Auditors General India, Member Certification Advisory Board of BSI Group India, Advisory Board Member of Xavier School of Sustainability and the Multi stakeholder Advisory Committee of the GRI UNGC Reporting on SDGs.

She is the author/co-author of publications on Sustainable Development and a popular speaker and faculty on sustainability and transparency in business management schools like IIMB, IIML, MDI, IMI, XIMB and various national & international platforms of South Asia and South East Asia.

She has a PhD in Environmental Sciences and a trained Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) and Social (SA 8000)Auditor and Business Excellence Assessor.

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