GRI Chairman Christianna Wood to speak at the Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit in Singapore

Media | 23 June 2017

Singapore, 23 June: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Christianna Wood will deliver the opening address at the inaugural Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit to be held in Singapore on 19 & 20 September 2017.

More than 50 top sustainability leaders will be speaking at the summit which creates the region’s first collaborative platform for the sustainability reporting community. The speakers will discuss new reporting trends, techniques, common challenges, solutions and success stories.

“We are honoured to have the GRI Chairman Ms. Wood at the summit. She is one of the world’s top sustainability reporting champions. It’s a great opportunity for the delegates to hear from her on the importance of sustainability reporting and what the future of reporting is”, said Rajesh Chhabara, managing director of CSRWorks International who is organising the summit.

The theme of the summit is Sustainability Reporting for Competitive Advantage. The summit will explore practical ways for businesses to gain competitive edge through sustainability reporting excellence. See the full list of speakers here.

The two-day event will bring together top business leaders, chief sustainability officers, sustainability reporting experts and practitioners, standards-setters, regulators and policy-makers and other key stakeholders from the region.

Some of the key topics to be discussed at the summit include:
• The future of sustainability reporting
• Sustainability reporting trends in Asia
• Sustainability reporting policy and regulation
• How to make your report authentic?
• Integrated reporting
• Reporting on the SDGs
• What do investors expect from sustainability reporting?
• Sustainability reporting for SMEs
• Mastering materiality assessment
• Practical stakeholder engagement strategies
• How to develop best-in-class sustainability reports

In addition, there will be a number of breakouts and masterclasses conducted by senior sustainability reporting experts. See the full agenda here.

To register, simply visit the Summit’s website (

Kay Ho (Ms)

About the Organisers
The Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit is organised by CSRWorks International, a leading boutique-style sustainability consulting and training firm in Singapore with a successful track record of more than 12 years. CSRWorks closely collaborates with businesses and other stakeholders to promote excellence in sustainability reporting across the region.

CSRWorks also organises the annual Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA), the highest regional recognition for reporting excellence.

CSRWorks International is a GRI Data Partner and a GRI Gold Community Member.

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