About the Summit

The Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit is Asia’s first regional conference dedicated to sustainability reporting dialogue. The Summit creates a powerful platform for the reporting community to discuss new trends, techniques, common challenges, solutions and success stories.

Created by CSRWorks International, Singapore’s leading sustainability consulting firm, the Summit aims to be Asia’s most engaging conversation on sustainability reporting.

It’s Different
The Asia Sustainability Reporting Summit is unique.
Here is why:

  1. No boring powerpoint presentations
  2. No sales pitches
  3. Highly engaging roundtable debates and panel discussions
  4. Powerful master classes conducted by experts
  5. Interactive workshops and high quality discussions
  6. Actionable agenda

What the Summit Offers
The Summit offers excellent opportunities for you to become better in sustainability reporting.

  1. Get actionable insights from sustainability reporting leaders
  2. Learn cutting edge tools and techniques for powerful reporting
  3. Find solutions to common problems and challenges
  4. Learn from best practices and success stories
  5. Inspire and influence
  6. Network with peers and decision makers

About CSRWorks International

CSRWorks is a leading boutique-style sustainability consulting firm in Singapore with an international team of highly experienced sustainability experts. Established in 2005, CSRWorks specialises in sustainability strategy, sustainability reporting, integrated reporting, stakeholder engagement, materiality, ESG analysis, and training. CSRWorks closely collaborates with businesses and other stakeholders to promote excellence in sustainability reporting across the region.

CSRWorks is a GRI Data Partner

CSRWorks is a GRI Gold Community member

Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards

The Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards (ASRA) is a non-profit initiative by CSRWorks. ASRA, the only regional recognition for reporting excellence, attracts Asia’s top companies every year. Our vision for ASRA is to become the most inspiring recognition for sustainability reporting in Asia.
Organised by our unit csrmatters, the Awards are open to all private, public and non-profit organisations who produce a sustainability report in Asia. An independent panel of judges with distinguished backgrounds judge the entries to decide the winners.

To learn more about ASRA, please visit www.csrmatters.com

Sustainability Reporting Exchange (SRE)

Sustainability Reporting Exchange (SRE) is our non-profit initiative to help Singapore companies learn about sustainability reporting. SRE is a roundtable-style platform for regular dialogue, sharing and peer learning with sustainability reporting experts and counterparts.
Through SRE, we present trends, exchange ideas, discuss challenges, share best practices and insights to prepare you for your sustainability reporting journey. SRE sessions are facilitated by our own sustainability reporting experts as well as by our invited guest speakers who are considered leaders in sustainability reporting.

Sustainability Reporting: Learning from Asia’s Best

Sustainability Reporting: Learning from Asia’s Best is our annual publication that features inspiring stories about the winners of the Asia Sustainability Reporting Awards to celebrate their excellence.

REGULAR TICKET (per attendee)

Ticket Type Standard  Twin Package*
Corporate USD 925
(SGD 1,295)***
USD 785
(SGD 1,099)
SME** USD 725
(SGD 1,015)
USD 620
(SGD 868)
(SGD 770)
USD 470
(SGD 658)

Terms & Conditions

EARLY BIRD TICKET (per attendee)

USD 700
(SGD 980)
SME** USD 620
(SGD 868)
USD 560
(SGD 784)
(SGD 658)
USD 425
(SGD 595)